Kathy Henneberry

Kathy Henneberry

For over 20 years Kathy has been a Water Aerobics Instructor at the Vanderbilt Club. She began her fitness career teaching Interval Aerobics classes “on land” at various local health clubs. Her passion for teaching water aerobics occurred by happenstance. While working at the YMCA, there was a need for a water aerobics teacher, so Kathy agreed to teach her first aqua class. As the saying goes “the rest is history,” although Kathy prefers, “that was the start of all this craziness!” Kathy loves the water and loves helping Club members reap the benefits of improving heart health, building physical strength, and endurance while in the water. Her classes are fun, up-tempo, and provide a challenging cardio workout. Kathy’s playlists include 80’s music and Rock and Roll and she likes to keep the members moving for a full fifty minutes.

About Me

Kathy and her husband live in Norwood. It’s not surprising they spend their free time in the water, boating, jet skiing and swimming in Plymouth, MA, and New Hampshire.



United States Water Fitness Association

Athletics and Fitness Association of America

American Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED