Small classes and individual attention are the hallmarks of our Kids Swim Lessons. Our instructor to student ratio is the lowest in the area—one instructor for every two kids in Pre-school through Level 1 UP; one instructor for maximum of three kids in levels 2 through 6. The Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program is designed to give students a positive experience. Students in Level 1 are oriented to the aquatic environment and gain some basic skills in each category. At successive levels students build on the basic skills to learn propulsive movements on both their fronts and backs. They refine strokes and learn new ones. Personal safety and rescue skills are taught to help students meet safety goals. By the end of Level 6, students have the prerequisite skills and developed the necessary level for entrance into advanced courses, such as Water Instructor and Lifeguard Training, competitive swimming and diving. We also offer Swim Angelfish® Methodology – Swim Whisperers® Program for children in need of adaptive swim lessons. For more information, or to sign up for our Swim Lessons e-mails, contact Robin Ostrander, Swim Program Manager, at

DSC_0081AQUATICSExperience the fun and healing power of water in our 75-foot pool, with lap swimming, aqua classes and aqua personal training. Red Cross-certified life guards are always on duty. UNFORTUNATELY, WE ARE NOT ABLE TO OFFER FAMILY SWIMMING OR OPEN OUR HOT TUB UNTIL PHASE 4.

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AQUA GROUP EXERCISE CLASSESAqua classes incorporate the exercises you would expect in a class done on land, but with bonuses you can only get from working out in water. Water reduces gravity’s effect on the body and its buoyancy cushions stiff joints and fragile bones, making it a great choice for people rehabbing from injury or surgery and for older adults. Water pressure helps circulate your blood, putting less strain on your heart. Working out in water prevents overheating, so you’ll have more cardio endurance in class.

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AQUA PERSONAL TRAININGA great way to get started with exercise, for rehabilitation following surgery or injury or as a treatment for chronic health conditions. It’s also great cross-training for athletes. Individual or partner sessions available. Personal training rates apply.

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